Kerala – Chenda Melam and Singari Melam

Chenda melam makes your function awesome

We, the madurai events chenda melam artists, add spice to all the special events such as temple functions, weddings, shop openings, government functions, VIP visits and others. With our 30 years of experience our performance embellishes plenty of VIP weddings, in both Tamilnadu and Kerala.With the simple dancing steps, chenda melam adapts to both traditional and modern functions.

Chendamelam- Videos Collection by our team

Without saying, music and dance are part and parcel of Tamilian’s life and now the trend is they want a chenda melam performance on all their functions, besides the traditional Nadhaswaram and melam. Chenda melam is more expressive, as they narrate the music through dance and easily binds with the culture of Tamil Nadu.
Madurai Event’s chenda melam team includes 10 to 15 energetic team members with beautiful women and handsome men. The number of players may differ according to your wish.

If you are the one who is fascinated by the concrete sound of chenda melam and want the sound to add lush to your function, call us immediately to book in advance. Quickly fix your date to avoid disappointments.

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