Nadaswaram / Nagaswaram

Nadaswaram and Meylam make your wedding wholesome

A Hindu wedding is incomplete and imperfect, when it does not have NadaswaramMelam Kacheri. Actually, the bottom hole is considered as the Sun God while the upper most is the Goddess Shakthi.

Nadaswaram or nagaswaram is one of the most unique and ancient musical instruments among the South Indians. In fact, it is really appropriate to term it as a musical instrument that blends music with divinity since the tunes are pondered in all the Hindu temples and other auspicious functions like wedding, house warming, poonul vaibavam and such. Remember, this is the loudest non-metallic acoustical musical instrument in the world and hence it escalates the richness of your wedding ceremony.

Team Types:

3 Vidvans – One for nadhaswaram, one for meylam and one for thalam and one for shruthi
5 Vidvans – 2 for nadhaswaram, 2 for Meylam, 1 for thalam and 1 for shruthi box

Nadhaswaram – Videos Collection by our team

Even though nadhaswaram can be used alone in a performing platform, generally, it is accompanied by Meylam, Thalam and Shruthi instruments to make the atmosphere more heavenly and magnificent. With its captivating tone and characteristic volume, the experienced and professional vidwans can play it as a vocal technique.
Of course, there is plenty to plan about a wedding and wedding music is one among the essentials on your big day.

In fact, the team is typically occupied with several rituals but you can book their appointment easily through us. We feel proud to cater such wonderful service to our clients as our team can bring captivating melody and take your celebration mood to a higher dimension. The performance is absolutely great, satisfied and brings pleasure to all your guests, who come to share the celebrations, rituals, fun and frolic of your wedding.
In the list of events, we have double choices so that you can choose from the one according to your needs and budget.

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