Nashik dhol

Nashik Dhol for your wedding

Nashik Dhol is the upcoming new trend to be performed in the wedding. Previously Chenda melam or Singari Melam plays major role especially in south india. Nashik Dhol players team performed well and sound also really good compared to Chenda Melam/Singari Melam. Nashik Dhol growing well nowadays and people also loves to arrange nashik dhol instead off Kerala Chenda melam.

Team Types:

Minimum – 15 Members

Nashik Dhol- Videos Collection by our team

In fact, the team is typically occupied with several rituals but you can book their appointment easily through us. We feel proud to cater such wonderful service to our clients as our team can bring captivating melody and take your celebration mood to a higher dimension. The performance is absolutely great, satisfied and brings pleasure to all your guests, who come to share the celebrations, rituals, fun and frolic of your wedding.
In the list of events, we have double choices so that you can choose from the one according to your needs and budget.

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